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Crowns, Bridges & Veneers

Dental crowns and bridges replace and restore teeth that are damaged, decayed, or missing. Similarly, veneers improve the way teeth look. At Carnegie Dental Wellness in Midtown West Manhattan, general and cosmetic dentist Constantina Bacopoulou, DDS, creates functional and attractive crowns and four types of bridges. To schedule an appointment for crowns, bridges, and veneers, call the New York City office or book online today

What are crowns?


Dental crowns are coverings for individual teeth that preserve their structure and function.


Using computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM), Dr. Bacopoulou creates a crown that both fits over your prepared tooth perfectly and looks nearly identical to the tooth in its original, intact form. She even ensures it matches the shade of your other teeth.


The process of getting a crown at Carnegie Dental Wellness takes two steps. Dr. Bacopoulou removes the decayed or damaged portions of your tooth and takes impressions to make your new crown. While the lab fabricates the crown, she gives you a temporary crown to wear over the tooth.


You come back to the office once your permanent crown is ready so Dr. Bacopoulou can attach it with dental cement. Once in place, your crown needs little extra care beyond regular brushing and flossing.


What are bridges?


Dental bridges are another type of restoration that Dr. Bacopoulou makes. Bridges replace missing teeth by using the teeth next to the gap for support. Some bridges rely on dental implants instead.


Carnegie Dental Wellness offers four different types of bridges, made using CAD/CAM technology:

  • Traditional bridges using two crowns for support
  • Cantilever bridges using a single crown for support
  • Implant-supported bridges using dental implants instead of teeth/crowns for support
  • Maryland bridges using a metal or ceramic framework instead of crowns for support

Dr. Bacopoulou talks to you about your options and decides which is best in your case. During your initial visit, she also discusses your options for the material of the bridge. The false tooth in the bridge, called a pontic, looks nearly identical to the original tooth you lost.


What are veneers?


Veneers are thin porcelain shells that cover the outward-facing surfaces of teeth. Veneers are cosmetic only, meaning they improve the appearances of the teeth they cover but don’t influence the function of the teeth.


Like crowns and bridges, veneers are made to look just like natural teeth and can be color-matched.


How long do crowns, bridges, and veneers last?


Carnegie Dental Wellness makes crowns, bridges, and veneers that last for many years so you can go about life without stressing about replacing them.


Since crowns and bridges come in various different materials, they don’t all last for the same amount of time. However, as long as you maintain your oral health, you can expect a crown or bridge of any material to last for many years, even over a decade. Veneers last for 10-30 years with good care.


If a crown, bridge, or veneer comes loose, you should schedule a visit with Dr. Bacopoulou right away. She can make the necessary adjustments to keep the restoration in place and stop it from potentially damaging your other teeth.


Are you interested in learning more about crowns, bridges, and veneers? Call Carnegie Dental Wellness or set up your appointment online today.

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